Monday, January 11, 2010

Can I Do It?

2010.....a new year. Some say it is also a new decade. Regardless, a new year is a time for new goals and new dreams.

I have one.

A few weeks ago, a couple of local theatre artists in the Seattle/Tacoma area shared on the website for Theatre Puget Sound that they had seen 52 shows in 52 weeks during 2009.

I counted the number of theatrical productions I saw in 2009. It numbered 46. Darn! Not quite 52.

But, as an advocate for live theatre in Seattle and Tacoma, I loved the concept of seeing at least 52 shows in 52 weeks. "I want to do that in 2010," I thought. So......let's see if I can!

Now, one disclaimer here. I won't necessarily see one show every week. BUT, I will try to see at least 52 shows before 2010 is over. Another disclaimer: I may also include in the 52 shows, any show that I might be directly involved in, both as an actor and behind the scenes.

Stay tuned, theatre fans. I promise to write a little something about each theatrical experience this coming year. Are you ready? Are you excited? Does anyone even give a rip (other than me)???

No matter. I care! I'm excited! I'm raring to go!!

If I don't prove anything to myself by this endeavor other than "set goals, believe in yourself and dream big", it will all be worth it.

So...let the viewing begin.

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