Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Show #30 "Book of Days" with Ensemble 915

Sometimes, I feel like I've had enough. No, I'm not talking about theatre. At least, not theatre in and of itself.

I'm talking about theatre that insists on berating Christians, that seems to take delight in making fun of the church, that ultimately insults my LORD Jesus Christ.

In this case, the offending playwright is Lanford Wilson, and the play is his "Book of Days." This was also a play within a play. The lead character is a woman who gets cast in a community production of George Bernard Shaw's "Joan of Arc." Shaw and Wilson... a double whammy of anti-Christianity. Sigh.....

Call me over-sensitive. Accuse me of being defensive and narrow-minded. Tell me I have no sense of humor or any ability to see the faults in myself and in those like myself.

But that wouldn't be true. As a Christian and a lover of the LORD Jesus, I consider myself to be open-minded about most theatrical productions out there, even those shows that point out the church's weaknesses. I will be the first to tell you that the Church is made up of flawed human beings. We are not perfect, and we will readily admit it.

But, the world will continue to take our very human flaws and attack us with it, as if they (the world who does not know the LORD) had no faults of their own. And a good many playwrights like to take cheap shots at us.

That's how I felt last evening, after spending a few hours hearing yet one more attack on the Light of my life. I felt the darkness try to cover me with anger and sadness.

But, this morning, while attending a breakfast event sponsored by a wonderful Christian organization, I met a remarkable man who brilliantly reflects the Light of the Holy Spirit. And guess what? He's also a stand-up comedian! He performs in the comedy club circuit when he's not ministering at his church.

This precious brother in Christ encouraged me to keep shining that Light in the darkness, because someone has to. The entertainment world is a dark place where Light needs to shine.

That's quite a calling. It's one I tend to forget sometimes. And when I forget my calling, I can get lost in the darkness. But, thank God that He is the ultimate Lighting Designer. If I remember to look to Him to light my stage, I will not lose my place in the script, or totally forget my blocking.

So, let those playwrights keep on taking those cheap shots at God's people. The darkness won't stand a chance.

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