Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Show #44 "Yankee Tavern" at ACT Theatre

It was practically a perfect evening at the theatre for us tonight. Everything went as it should.

First, the drive on I-5 from Tacoma to downtown Seattle was a breeze. Traffic proceeding north (as we were) was swift and clear. However, traffic going south was almost at a standstill. Pity the southbound driver.....glad it wasn't us.

Next, we found a terrific parking spot in the garage next to ACT Theatre. Admittedly, I ALWAYS find a great spot to park there, especially since my season tickets are for Wednesday evenings.....but that's beside the point. The parking spot was "spot on!"

Then, I got to see a show, "Yankee Tavern" by Steven Dietz, at my favorite theatre venue in town: The Allen theatre. Yes, this is ACT Theatre's mainstage space, and I love it. Randy and I have terrific seats this year, in the second row, and the viewing was ideal.

Then, I saw a funny, engaging, makes-you-think show about such hilarious (?) topics as conspiracy theorists, Sept. 11, marriage, drinking, seeing dead people and graduate school. ACT Theatre, you've done it again!

Next, I got to watch some performances by actors who inspire me. I saw a relatively simple set design that made me see the possibilities (and genius) of simplicity. I enjoyed a script that made you laugh, made you think and made you want to say, "where did you hear THAT?"

Finally, Randy and I practically flew home on our southbound journey on I-5. There was some minor traffic revisions driving through South King County into Pierce County, but nothing worth mentioning. And the northbound traffic? Slow as molasses.

Yep, practically a perfect evening.

"Practically?" What made it less than perfect?

Well....I guess I was having such a good time tonight, I wanted it to go on a bit longer. I hated to see it end. That was its only flaw....but that's good "flaw" to have.

Photo courtesy of ACT Theatre and photographer Chris Bennion

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