Saturday, October 9, 2010

Show #54 "Hairspray" at Tacoma Musical Playhouse

I needed to have some fun today.

I had sprained my foot while walking the dog the other day, and was still hobbling around with an ace wrap on my foot and a cane in my hand. Randy was gone for most of the day today, so I was once again on doggie duty.

Doggie and I went for walks in the pouring rain. Well....doggie went for a couple of brisk sprints around the neighborhood, while I limped with cane in hand and rain drenching me and my raincoat.

Granted, this doesn't qualify as the worst day in history, but I still was in the mood for some fun and joy. Some DRY fun and joy. Well...I got it!

Thanks to Tacoma Musical Playhouse, I was able to end my day humming, tapping my non-injured toe and laughing with glee. Yep, I got to watch "Hairspray."

You all know the show I mean. The one about chubby teen Tracy Turnblad who dreams of becoming a dancer on TV's "Corny Collins Show" in 1960's Baltimore. Her friends, both black and white, want to see the Collins show integrated on a daily basis, rather than accept the once-a-month "Negro Day" that is currently offered. Standing in their way is a manipulative TV producer and her self-centered daughter.

But, everyone knows that all's well that ends well, especially in musical comedies like this. Tracy gets on the show, gets the guy and gets the show to integrate. Happy ending.

And the journey to that happy conclusion was pure fun. Just what the doctor ordered.

I have been impressed with the good work that the folks at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse are doing. Their talent comes from all over the Pierce, Thurston and King County regions. Dedicated musical theatre performers will gladly (and repeatedly, show after show) hop onto I-5, drive a great distance and head toward Tacoma for a chance to do some good theater.

I don't blame them. TMP is one of the most successful theaters in this area, with an ever-growing number of season subscribers. If you are a theatre artists, and want to be seen by a large number of audience members (remember, in this business, exposure is everything), TMP is the place to be.

And tonight, the audience was big and appreciative. The cast got a standing ovation from many of us. Why? We laughed, we hooted and hollered, we tapped our toes, we had fun.

Yes, the Pacific Northwest rain was still falling. We didn't care. The cold, wet weather couldn't ruin our evening. We were enjoying "Hairspray," and nothing else mattered.

And there was a bonus. After Randy and I got home, it was HIS turn to walk doggie in the rain. Me? I stayed warm and dry, sat at my computer and gushed about "Hairspray."

Thanks, TMP. You made my day.

Thanks to Hairspray cast member Lexi Scamehorn for graciously posing for this photo!


  1. Whoa! Stop. 54/52 makes more than 100%...

    Baltimore is v. dear to me. I went to Law School there, lived W39th St before the O's went to Camden Yard (is that the place)...

    I worked as a waiter there. Got to LOVE Americans...

    "Where are you from?"

    "Scotland," I replied.

    "Your English is *so* good".

    I retorted without thinking, "Thank you. Ive been speaking it since I was a child".

    I subsequently found out so many Americans never even knew where Scotland was, or appreciated we had electricity!


  2. Wow. I stumbled across your blog and am very jealous of not only your initiative but the variety of shows you have been able to see at so many venues. I loved doing Hairspray as much as many other shows I have done at the Tacoma Musical Playhouse. One other reason the TMP works for me, a working Dad of four, is that their shows are Friday, Saturday and Sunday so I am not gone weeknights. The rehearsals are not overly time consuming because everyone is expected to put in the necessary time off stage to be prepared.

    I love that you were in Flower Drum Song and I also enjoyed Tom Sawyer at the Lakewood Playhouse.