Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week #29 Psalm 119:2 "Seeking God With All My Heart"

"Blessed are they who keep His statues and seek Him with all their hearts."

Wow....I am way behind on my blogging! It's already November, and I am only on my 29th bible verse of the year. Last blog post: August. Ouch.

Life sometimes gets busy. Then we start to put off things that are important.

But, look what also happened. My "busy-ness" has become a habit. That means I have put things off, important things like meditating and sharing God's Word. That, unfortunately, has become a casualty of my busy life.

So, it is no accident (there are NO accidents in our life with God, don't you think?) that He has called me back to His word with this verse from the Psalms. "Blessed are they Him with all their hearts."

Seeking God. What exactly does that mean for us busy, computer-connected folks of the 21st century? are a couple of ideas that have been laid on my heart today.

First, seeking God involves something that might seem obvious. Prayer. Getting on my knees, lifting my eyes to Him and telling Him the deepest thoughts and feelings I have.

Don't worry if you can't always physically kneel. Sometimes deep, heart-felt prayer must occur in places and situations where you can't actually get on your knees. While driving in the car. At work. During an emotional business meeting. Getting on my knees to pray is a matter of attitude. It means I need God. It means I humble myself before my Father and tell Him what His little girl (me!) is feeling. Yes, there's no substitute for this type of prayer.

Second, seeking God means making Him and His word a habit. This might mean reading a bit of scripture each day. No, it doesn't have to be a long passage of scripture that is difficult to understand. It can be just one verse. One verse that our Father has given you, to instruct you, admonish you or to just tell you how much He loves you.

Making God a habit also means for me, keeping up with my blog posts. That is a habit that helps me to focus on Him. He speaks to me as I write. He comforts me and encourages me through this blog, and yes, through your responses to me in the comment section!

And finally, seeking God means looking for God's presence and wisdom in our everyday life. Was that piece of advice from your co-worker today a word of encouragement from the LORD? And that tree with those beautiful leaves of changing fall color? Could that be God's glory in your neighborhood? How about that song that was just played on the radio? God's love song to you, perhaps? You get the idea.

So, I thank you, LORD, and I thank you, dear Readers, for reminding me to seek God. I needed that today. I need it everyday, but praise God it happened today.


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