Saturday, March 6, 2010

Show #10 "The Wedding Singer" at Tacoma Musical Playhouse

Sigh.....since when did the 1980s become an historical era?

At one of the elementary schools where I work, the student council recently organized a "1980s Day." The publicity encouraged students and faculty to wear retro clothes from the 80s, including sweaters with big shoulder pads, spandex leggings (I hear they're still in style, however!) and big hair.

This all would have been rather amusing, especially considering I still have some of those outfits in my closet, until I realized that none of my students there had even been born during that decade.

I was no longer amused.

"The Wedding Singer," of course, is a rollicking musical, dancing adaptation of the 1998 Adam Sandler flick of the same name. The Tacoma Musical Playhouse put on a thoroughly enjoyable opening night last evening, complete with the teased hairdos, hefty shoulder padded floral dresses and men in pink.

The songs were a musical love fest to 80s pop. The characters were a cavalcade of newsmakers and stereotypes from that era. All of it made me smile....that is, until I realized once again how "long ago" that era really was. Most of those dancers on stage either hadn't been born or were just pre-schoolers during the 80s.

Again, I was no longer amused.

I know, I know...I should lighten up. This middle-aged dinosaur should accept the fact that shows like "The Wedding Singer" are the younger generation's "Grease." Retro. Nostalgic. Bygone era. Good old days. Historic.

So, one day when my grandchildren are celebrating "2010s Day" at their school, how will my sons feel? Will they smile? Or will they just feel old?

I'm hoping they'll smile. If they feel old, what will that make me, pre-historic?

Photo courtesy of Tacoma Musical Playhouse

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