Sunday, March 21, 2010

Show #14 "Second Chances for Grace" with Breathing Space Ministries

This is my second viewing of this show, in case the title sounds a bit familiar to the reader.

Hey...I didn't pledge to watch 52 DIFFERENT shows in 52 weeks, just 52 shows, period. But this viewing of "Grace" was such a different experience than my first, that I just had to blog about it again.

I last saw "Second Chances for Grace" on opening night of this extended run at the Market Theater. My son Tim (who portrays both Joseph Ying and God) told me that the show (permanently) lost a cast member to illness, and that they were only notified of this in the last hour. So, much of the opening performance consisted of panicked and confused actors trying to significantly alter a script to make up for the absence of a key player, and trying to make the adjustments live before an audience.

Sadly, their efforts that night, though valiant, had less than stellar results.

But, here it is, weekend #2, and the cast has fully recovered from the loss. They once again have found their momentum, feel comfortable with the altered script and are finally able to put their heart, soul and humor back into the story.

What a difference a week makes!

With their renewed energy came my renewed interest and enthusiasm. The actors came alive in a way that they couldn't on that difficult opening night. And the best part is, Grace's story of God's love and healing came alive as well.

We all face obstacles and unplanned potholes in our road in life. We may sometimes trip over our feet, but Who is it that picks us up and helps us back onto the path: God Himself.

Just like He did for "Second Chances for Grace." What a recovery! What renewal!
Grace's story was given new life.

I can't wait for Episode 2. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Breathing Space Ministries for allowing me to take this photo!

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