Saturday, September 18, 2010

Show #47 "Sex In Seattle 18: An Everyday Kind of Love" with SIS Productions

I've had a long history with soap operas. Shortly after graduating high school back in the 1970's, I found myself hooked on "All My Children." I anxiously awaited each day to see the next installment in the lives of fictional (and mostly stereotypical) people whom I didn't even know.

Several years later, my dirty habit expanded to "One Life to Live" and "General Hospital." As a true addict, I started to schedule my lunch hour at work around getting that chance to peek into what was happening to my favorite soap characters. Couldn't wait for the plot to thicken....and in those instances, all I had to do was wait a mere 24 hours for that next episode.

So, it boggles the mind to see the roaring success of the theatrical franchise known as "Sex in Seattle" where the adoring audience is forced to wait anywhere from 6 months to a year for their next episode. A fluke, you say? Not really. This franchise has been hooking (and reeling in) their audience for 10 years.

I have long since given up the television soap habit, but have not walked away from my SIS habit. I remain a loyal fan. It helps that the story lines center around modern, sassy Asian-American women. It doesn't hurt that I personally know several of the producers, writers, directors and actors involved in this dynamic theatre series. And the fact that I myself have appeared in a couple of episodes has a little something to do with my continued loyalty.

But, primarily, I remain a constant SIS groupie because these shows are well done, well-acted, have high production values and are a real scream! No tragic Madame Butterfly crap.....SIS is a hoot.

As with all long-running soap operas, the cast of actors evolve over time. Each episode is a new adventure for us long time fans. We can't wait to see how the "newbie" actors will do taking over an established role. Whereas I missed seeing some of my favorite actors on stage, I was delighted to see some new(er) faces doing commendable jobs. Sean O'Bannon made a terrific Nathan, Moses Yim brought fresh energy and charm to his Colin and Caleb Slavens was perfectly endearing as Adam.

SIS Productions has announced they will present Episode 19 in April 2011. Good news, fans. You only have to wait 7 months for your next SIS fix. The plot will thicken more quickly. The fictional folks you have grown to love (and hate) will return sooner.

Stay tuned.

Photo courtesy of SIS Productions

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  1. Dear Theatre Pal

    We're just back from seeing Les Mis at the Barbican (in London), where Les Mis started 25 years ago.

    I thought you'd like to be the first to hear about the 25th anniversary production; it's had a make-over!

    Cameron McIntosh has a completely new production, with new design, direction and orchestration.

    The design is the back projected paintings of Victor Hugo, and others inspired by his drawings. Sometimes fixed, sometimes moving.

    When they move, it is with great effect. For me, simply the best was Javert's death scene. He still jumps from the bridge, but this time the bridge opens and exits both sides of the stage, leaving him floating in the space he had been standing on, downstage with a back projection of the Seine rushing behind him, and eventually he is pulled upstage (still floating in space) falling backward down into the river (which swallows him up) with us looking down from on top, and he gets smaller as he falls (and is pulled upstage). Amazing. I could have applauded that effect alone.

    There is No revolve. Let me say that again - no revolve.

    The chain-gang are at sea, pulling on the oars of a boat. There's no miming, there's no slow-mo runaway cart...

    I'll blog it, but it was so good to see a new best friend!