Friday, September 24, 2010

Show #49 "A Doctor In Spite of Himself" at Intiman Theatre

Did you see the lights flashing? Were you hearing the sirens blaring, and the theatre police yelling, "Goofball Alert! Goofball Alert! If you have no tolerance for silly, artfully goofy and masterfully funny theatre, please step away NOW."

"There's nothing to see here, Ma'am. Just keep moving on...." the Kill Joy Cop admonished.

But, the more he tried to steer the gawking masses away from the riotous comedic gem, the more we wanted to watch, mouth agape and loud guffaws beginning in our bellies.

What am I talking about? Why didn't we hear about this "train wreck" on the evening news? my opinion, we SHOULD have seen this as a top headline. After all, in this bleak economy, with unflattering political battles being fought on the airwaves, and the health care crisis, global warming and Dancing With the Stars weighing heavily on our minds, we all need a break.

The 17th century French playwright known as Moliere had the answer. Write stuff that makes people laugh. Period.

I like that. So, with the Intiman Theatre presenting one of Moliere's best works in the style (love this!) of the commedia dell'arte, AND with Randy and me scoring front row seats, how could we go wrong?

We scored big. A touchdown. A grand slam. A triple crown. A...well, you get the idea.

The Intiman did themselves proud with "A Doctor in Spite of Himself." We had the privilege to see masterful comedy performed by limber, energetic, perfectly timed and shameless (in a good way) actors and musicians who gave their audience the best hour and a half of their theatrical lives. No, really.

It inspired me. It energized me. It almost made me want to sign up for one of those classes on "movement for actors" or something like that. Mostly, it made me laugh.

This season, Randy and I gave up our season tickets to the Intiman so we could enjoy season subscription to four (4!) other wonderful theatres around town. We gotta spread the "wealth" around, after all. I don't regret that decision, because we knew we would still attend at least one or two of the Intiman shows anyway.

We chose to attend "Doctor" because we like Moliere. I am glad we did.

PS. Take notice of the marvelous non-traditional casting in this production. Yet another reason to support this fine show. Bravo, Intiman!

Photo courtesy of Intiman Theatre and photographer Chris Bennion

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